Review: Destiny + The Dark Below + House of Wolves

Alright time to do a review since StarReaper decided to chill and watch South Park 😡

So I’m going to break up the reviews in two, with The Taken King and Rise of Iron to follow next week. Just cuz there’s too much to go through, and I’m a lazy ass like that. So let’s get to it!


One of the most anticipated games of 2014. Being released by Bungie and Activision and launching in Q3 instead of Q4, it’s no surprise they did as well as they did considering they didn’t have to compete with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It’s an FPS with MMO elements set in a sci-fi type world some hundred years into the future.

The campaign took me roughly just under 20 hours. Cuz one can only stand so much repetition of levels haha 😂 I got up to level 30 in 2 days!! You start with Earth, and eventually open up The Moon, Venus and Mars. I must say, the scenery is absolutely amazing in this game, it’s just a bummer it isn’t as interactive. Moving on.

The game having a shared world environment allows Guardians to all join together during public events without having to group up into fireteams to do so. Makes you feel like you’re all together fighting for a greater cause kinda thing while you put your current mission on hold haha. As you progress on your current level, you’ll eventually come to a no respawn point which other players, unless in your fireteam, can’t join.

Story line wise, you have monsters (The Fallen, Hive) and robots (Vex), then enter in your military amphibians (Cabal) and you, The Guardian, in between all this. With your companion Ghost (who was originally voiced by Peter Dinklage ahem Tyrion Lannister but now voiced by Nolan North after Taken King ) you venture off to save the Traveler from the shroud of darkness. Very straight forward, but honestly, people aren’t really doing this for the story are they?

So you want better loot to stand a chance in PVP matches. You have your weekly raids and strike playlists to play to your hearts content. Raids suggest a party of 6, and doesn’t provide on the fly matchmaking. So you gotta get assemble your own fireteam. Luckily a lot of forums have people looking to do raids all the time, or you can learn to solo them. Up to you. The Strikes normally have the corresponding boss for that planet, and is not necessary to beat in order to continue the story.

PVP!! You got Skirmish, Control, Clash and Rumble. So, free for all, domination type area capture, and team stuff… Typical PVP modes you know? When I first played this a couple years ago, I never invested much time in PVP. A buddy of mine, Evanjellyman however would drag me into it from time to time (I really hate the Xbox one controller) now this time around since I’m replaying on the PS4, I’m actually getting decent KD ratios LOL. Communication with a decent team is a must. I really wish you can vote for the next level. You think after all these years they would’ve added some sort of option like that?

All in all, the game has quite a lot to offer, replay wise, as long as you can handle the repetition. I mean, it can’t be that bad if I picked it up again 2 years later.


The Dark Below

The first expansion that came out Q4 2014. Did this really count as a DLC? I can’t believe I paid for this in all honesty 😕

Story focus is on the Hive and their deity, Crota. A couple new levels, and a new raid level!! (to be fair I still haven’t beaten the first) I feel like this shouldn’t have cost as much as it did… Or maybe should’ve been tacked onto the next one.


The House of Wolves

Now this is a DLC. They really should’ve just had these 2 put together.

They opened a new social area in the reef, the Vestian Outpost. A new PVE arena, Prison of Elders. Trials of Osiris, a PVP type of challenge. Along with a shit load of bounties to do for the Queen. There is however no new raid, but Prison of Elders makes up for that.


So what do you think? Have you picked it up again since Rise of Iron came out? Let me know in the comments down below! I shall continue hunting for strange coins and farming for exotics in Prison of Elders… Or maybe I’ll get around to finishing one of those raids. Feel free to come join my fireteam!


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