Thanks wha!?

nothing but love
love your haters, they’re your biggest fan ❤
Happy Thanksgiving Day! To all the Canadian readers out there.
And uh Happy Columbus Day to all the American readers…

So being Canadian gives me 2 days to be Thankful for things hmm? Well, I’m Thankful, no I’m blessed, blessed that I have a wonderful, loving, healthy family. Blessed that I’m not in poverty, living pay cheque to pay cheque, wondering if I’m going to have any money for food on the table. Blessed that, I’ve experienced so much in life, and still want to learn more. Blessed, that I have options and know my self worth. Blessed my parents raised me with manners. And blessed I’m grateful for what I have.

Moving out to where I’m now, it’s a big difference from the city.
I’ve met people here, that have no savings, living off every last penny, have no real education, no future. Guys that cheat on their spouses, but the women have no self respect and take them back o.0 then again if I were that ugly and desperate I can see why. I guess I should be thankful for being pretty too XD
living in a place where food stamps are a reality for these people. Or not owning your own place when you’re almost 30. Like shit what have you done with your life?
(houses out here go for as low as 60k)
It’s so pathetic, I almost feel bad for them. Then again, I’m sure they must’ve done some messed up shit to get such bad karma on them.

I’m thankful I didn’t end up like any of them.

What does one typically do for Columbus Day? I mean, it isn’t a statutory holiday or anything so… are you celebrating it?


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