Review: EBISU on Robson

EBISU Assorted SashimiStarReaper and I took some friends here not too long ago. Popular sushi, tapas, izakaya restaurant on the west side of Robson (so you already know it’s going to be good). Popular for dinner, surprisingly busy for lunch as well! The day we went anyways.

Atmosphere is very cool, trendy, modern, chic, with a lounge type feel in the evening. During the day not as much.
I remember back in my early twenties, this was one of the restaurants to be at on a Friday night.

Food is well, 美味しい!! Remember though, it is tapas style servings, so don’t expect one dish to fill you. Sashimi is fresh, and decent size for the price. You think being on the coast would get you cheaper price in seafood? But then again, this IS Vancouver. Check out their wide variety of specialty rolls, the Poutine Roll made its debut here. It’s not that bad either. Huge drink selection!! I recommend the Hello Kitty drink~

Happy hour!! From 3 – 6. Food, drinks and oysters too!!

Price range, $6 – $12 per dish. Avg $100 for 2.


I always found the place really crammed at night, too busy + not enough isle space. While it isn’t as over crowded as Guu, it’d be nicer if there was at least enough isle space for 2 people to walk through the same time.

More selection with the non rolls and cooked items would’ve been nice as well. While I don’t have this issue, I know StarReaper wasn’t too big on the small selection of cooked appetizers.

If you love sushi you definitely got to check it out next time you’re in downtown Vancouver.


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