Review: Nerve

Its Thursday! You know what that means!? Time for another review!! Cuz well *shrug* why not?

So I finally got to watch this movie last night. It came out this past summer, but I missed it while it was in theaters grr… was probably too distracted with Pokémon GO which came out that month too XD

Staring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, Nerve is your modern day thriller, online Truth or Dare game where the viewers decide your fate. Play to win, or pay to watch. Are you a “Player” or a “Watcher”?
There are only three rules to the game, dares must be recorded on the players phone, you will lose all earned money if you fail/bail the dare, and you cannot report the game to law enforcement.

This movie kinda reminds me of Untraceable, just not so gory. Maybe just the whole thing with viewers paying to watch you for entertainment, an eye opener that there are some really twisted people out there. There’s something about watching these types of movies that get to me. Probably cuz you know there’s something similar to this going on right now out there somewhere. Well paced, and decently developed characters. The realistic dares really help make this thriller a lot more suspenseful.

Emma plays Vee, your typical introvert, shy, very blank stereotype teenager with your typical senior high problems; trying to decide which post secondary to go to. Not too easy when your mom doesn’t want you to leave. Her best friend Sydney, being more flirty and adventurous, quickly gets popular in the new online game Nerve. After Sydney embarrasses Vee in front of her long time crush, Vee decides to do something so unlike her, and signs up for Nerve… as a player.
Vee calls her other bestie Tommy to quickly take her to the diner for her first dare. Tommy being your typical grey-hat hacker knows a lot more in dept details about the game and tries to persuade Vee to stop playing. But to no avail they continue.

They’re at the diner, and Vee gets her first dare. Kiss a Stranger for 5 seconds. She kisses Ian (Dave Franco), and he reveals that he is a player as well. The watchers think they make a cute couple, and dare Ian to take Vee to the city.

Dares get riskier, and Vee and Ian’s popularity sores. Think they’ll be able to win the game? Watch the rest to find out!!



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