Review: Vieng’s Asian Bistro

Vieng's sushi rollsI always cringe when I look at the menu and they “specialize” in more than one type of Asian food. But hey, maybe that’s cuz I’m Asian and can’t stand the fact that a non Japanese will be making my sushi. But hey, it’s the norm here, and they’re not all that bad.

The atmosphere was very modern with Asian accents, classy and lounge like. When you’re in the Crocker Park area can you really expect anything less?

Craving sushi like I normally do (when you go from having it every other day to once a week you crave it often ok?) I ordered sushi of course. Shrimp tempura roll, Tiger roll (with the mango and salmon ontop) and some sort of deep fried crunch roll in the back. They were all simply delicious. Cunchy, fresh, and flavorful! There were some other rolls that looked so good, except that they had cream cheese in it. Who puts cream cheese in rolls? Really? Must be an American thing…

They had a wide variety of appetizers and they had pho! Ya. Hmm…

Huge drink selection as well. It’s unfortunate I don’t really drink anymore grr!

Price range $$ – $$$


Definitely coming back here next time I go shopping!


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