Monday, Schmonday.

My first blog post of my life, (well besides my sad neglected Tumblr).

Monday’s are never an easy thing, especially after a busy (or even not so busy) weekend. Mine was in-between, Saturday was a pretty easy day, caught up on some much needed sleep, then finished the Redbox movie from Friday night date night.

“The Huntsman:Winters War” I would give this film a 7 out of 10. It was an okay action movie, the story line was good but you could predict most of the “surprise” turns and outcome of the movie as a whole.

Then I headed over to my parents to help finish cutting up and wrapping my little brothers elk. Little stinker was the only person out of our 4 draw tags to get an elk down this year, but why am I complaining? YAY, MEAT IN THE FREEZER!

Then it was a nice “relaxing” evening at the in-laws to watch the Boise State game. It was a typical BSU game until the 4th quarter where I don’t know what happened except the defense just plain gave up letting Colorado almost make a comeback. In the end it was a slop ending, but the right call by the refs on the forward lateral. BSU still undefeated 28-23! Go Broncos! (Boise, never Denver!)

Then Sunday was almost mostly lazy except all the catch-up cleaning we had to do since I’ve been gone hunting for the last 2 weeks. (Can’t trust the boys with anything…. I kid, I kid…)


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