Oh f**k! It’s Monday!

Aha a friend sent me that this morning, and I just thought “Why? I love Monday!”

Without further to do this!

Destiny has an update coming out tomorrow! 400 Light drops!! With the loot to go with it!! Oh ya!!~ This Tuesday, it’s on!! I should really get around to finishing Rise of Iron, I guess I should get on that sometime today.

Which is good timing for those of you who’ve spent the weekend playing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Beta is done tomorrow morning! So if you have not already done so I recommend giving it a shot before jumping into Destiny after the update.

Also this past weekend, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 open beta was live, yet unplayable for the first little while. Dragon Ball Z – Games facebook page announced that they have extended the open beta until tomorrow. Ooh man, so many choices so little time! What are you gonna be on? COD or DBZ?

Anyone still playing Pokémon GO? Is it just me, or did the latest update take away Pokémon appearing when you’re going over a certain speed?Regardless whether you’re the driver or not… hmm

Quantico finally picked up last night! You see more of Alex and Ryan power struggling in their relationship all the while trying to find out who’s in the AIC. In the present timeline, Alex manages to unmask one of the terrorists!! w00t~ Next Sunday’s preview looks like shit is gonna go down, can’t wait!

Who watched the game yesterday!! GO HAWKS GO!! Seahawks dominated the first 2 quarters, and while the Falcons made quite a comeback 3rd quarter, Seahawks pulled through an finished the game 26-24!!

Last but not least! We have a new challenger approaching!!~ Excited?


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