Review: Fallout Shelter

Vault-Tec, we’ll be there!

While I’m waiting for the rest of my fireteam to get on lets do a quick review!

Fallout Shelter is this cute, mobile game, that lets you be the Overseer of your own vault! Finally! haha~ Yes I said cute, as the animation style of the Vault dwellers are that of Vault Boy (Vault tech’s mascot). You build sleeping quarters, cafeterias, med bays, work out rooms, etc. Oh and make sure you have enough power, water and food to maintain your shelter. Every dweller that comes to the vault has different attributes (Fallout style) that they excel in, so make sure to assign them to work in rooms that will benefit from having them. Then when you need more settlers, stick two members of the opposite sex in bedroom and wait for some magic to happen haha.

When you get to a high enough level, you can venture into the wasteland and collect junk to bring back to the vault. My guy hasn’t come back though, so safe to assume he died somewhere out there boo. I’d send a search party out but I don’t think I can.

The game is pretty straight forward, graphics are pleasant, and for a micromanaging game it’s pretty relax pace. One of those games you can pick up and leave for a while (yes the settlers are apparently self sufficient when you’re not there!) without having to worry about missing out on anything.


Out now on android, IOS and windows.


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