mood : 4minute – Hot Issue

I miss this group.

TGIF peeps! Then again everyday is like a Friday if you’re having fun!
I was going to do a Battlefield 1 review today but, since I haven’t been playing too much of it yet I was going to wait until the weekend to do a less half ass one ha! If you haven’t already picked it up yet go get off your lazy ass and do so! For those of you who enlisted early I’m sure we’ve already done a couple rounds together^^~

Anyone have any plans for the weekend asides from gaming? Xur is out in Destiny, and I have not touched Rise of the Tomb Raider at all. So much gaming to do so little time. Maybe I’ll start broadcasting Borderlands with kaitiebear over the weekend if we get around to it haha.

Has anyone seen The Accountant? I should get around to seeing that. Looks like a more action packed version of my life XD


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