The Internet broke

Alright, so I’m sure many of you have already noticed Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, PayPal, etsy, Spotify and more have been having issues today. OH AND NOW PSN! Then proceeded to quickly looking it up, skim through something confusing about a DDoS attack going on, something to do with DNS. Whine and go into a slight depression that your internet life is on hold. Oh wait, there’s still facebook aha. Then, it comes back up 3 hours later! Only to go back to on and off later in the day.
Lets see if I can break it down in simple terms (._.)

A DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack brought down the DNS service provider Dyn this morning, and is beginning to disrupt services again as we speak.
DNS (Domain Name System) to put it simply is the internet’s phone book, it lets you look up websites by typing in their URL (the www. part) rather than their IP address.
A DDoS attack overwhelms the DNS server with a flood of traffic, thus the server can’t deliver back requested content.
Wait, how does one flood a server with THAT much traffic? You’d need an army. Yes, a botnet army. Now wait, what’s that now? A botnet army is simply a horde of infected computers (owner unaware) that are set up to create and send spam requests or viruses to flood a network. In this case, Dyn.

With me so far?

So unknown, made a botnet army, set them up to spam requests to server, server gets flooded and overwhelmed to process anything.

Now so far, it looks as if the attack was targeted at Dyn. Meaning the affected websites haven’t been compromised, as they were only inaccessible with the traffic backlog or blocked. That’s how it looks anyways.

Wasn’t there just a botnet attack in France?

So now a bunch of you are probably wondering why? Don’t hackers try to steal information *insert more stereotype accusations here* that’s not always the case. It could always be just a diversion for something bigger, but we’re all here worrying about what we can see. I’d worry about the stuff that we can’t.

Update: 5PM ET, Dny reported a third wave of attacks a little after 4PM.
Xbox one users rejoice, there has been minimal issues with XBL asides from some apps being offline. Time to go play some Gears of War 4.


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