Comic Con 2016

Yep cuz well, I’m Asian, so naturally I’m an nerd as well. I’m a cosplaying, gaming, overachiever Asian. Yep. And so are my kids! Who I’m very proud to say love, comic book superheroes and anime. Plus cosplaying!! They came in first in the cosplay contest today. How awesome is that?

It’s really hard to enjoy a con when you have your kids with you. They either don’t stay still, make a mess, get cranky, need a nap. But when they are listening, it isn’t so bad. I’m really glad that my kids can enjoy going to cons as much as I do! Especially when they recognize their favorite characters and get so happy to see them!

Vendors were awesome!! I didn’t get a chance to really look for stuff with the kids trying to grab things. Nice to see some familiar faces, like the family that runs the Pokémon Center. Lots of Harley’s this year, that wasn’t a surprise though. And Pikachu’s! I’m surprised I didn’t really see people play Pokémon GO? Or maybe they were and I just wasn’t paying attention 😂
Really looking forward to seeing them get bigger over the next couple years.

Kids went as Pikachu and Gohan, yes yes Dragon Ball Z Abridged. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s this awesome parody brought to you by Team Four Star. Go check em out.

Have you cosplayed? I’ve been cosplaying for almost as long as I’ve been going to cons back in 02! Belldandy, Sorceress Edea, Misty, Jill Valentine, Rikku, Asuka, Yuna, Soi Fon, Catherine, Pikachu, Blue Link, Ruby, Serena and it goes on!! I have a Mad Moxxi costume that’s been in progress for almost a year now. And a costume that’s all done minus the boots.

What cosplays have you done? How long does it take you normally to work on them?


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