Yes Monday Funday! This is how a typical Monday work day starts for me. So I can’t really hate Monday…

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta this past weekend? Anyone get a chance to get on? I really don’t like that in order to get the remastered version of Modern Warfare you need to get one of the special edition versions. Sure way to sell them though, cuz you know people will be buying it just for that. Sorry Activision.

Quantico is getting so good. They get in under their skin this week with trying to see what makes em tick. Then you find out _______ is part of the AIC *gasps*. Who watch Walking Dead last night? I’ll let Kaitiebear blog about that. If was still a shocker, despite having read that issue of the comic a year ago *sniffles*.

OMG Titanfall 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Skyrim are all out this week =O It’s going to be a good week =D

What are you most excited for this week!?


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