Recap: TWD Season 7 Premier

Well, first off here is your warning… if you have not seen the series premier for the Walking Dead ~☆DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Major spoilers!

Even if you know who dies (thanks social media) this nail biting episode is worth experiencing. (I’m still crying inside.)

So, we start out during the aftermath of where we left off last season, Rick, unbroken by Lucille’s wrath with blood splattered on his right cheek, (during this time me and my family are brain storming who was to the right of Rick. Michonne?!, Carl, WHERE WAS CARL?! GLEN, no MAGGIE?!) Rick whispers to Negan, “I will kill you, not today, not tomorrow, but soon.” To which Negan laughs in his face and pulls him into the RV. They scuffle over Ricks axe, and insults are thrown, then Negan drives off. Panning out to a smashed pumpkin of a head “attached” to lifeless body. *commercial, also dying inside.*

Negan stops at the bridge where they hung that one dude to scare our group, Rick is thrown out of the RV into a vat of zombies, and he scuffles up the RV ladder to the roof where we relive through Rick’s memories the gruesome scenes that took place moments (hours) before. Rick is definitely losing his shit on the roof, I have to give it to the editing team, Ricks in and out memories surrounded by muffled zombie moans and cries, along with taunting from Negan  was the stuff that nightmares are made from!

Finally, after a grueling 25 minutes, “Mo” is cast down like a cold rain in Ricks memory, Lucille lands on… Abraham *internal screaming* though, honestly I saw this coming from a mile away last season, Abraham was a little too “at peace” before the group got taken. It was still a terrible, heart wrenching scene watching Sasha’s face as Abraham took the first swing, he was a true red blooded American Sergeant till the end, kneeling tall as he told Negan to “suck his nuts” (Great last words man). But wait! Did anyone catch the peace sign he threw at Sasha? My heart screamed for them, and what never could be.

After Abraham’s head is literally obliterated, the group just sits, staring, unbelieving of what has just happened. Tears and weeping are trying to be kept quiet, but, you know you’ve always gotta have a hero! Daryl, to taken by his emotions and losing a group member finds his strength and DECKS Negan, (I’m screaming NNOO! Daryl is one of my favorites! Why Daryl?! WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO DUMB?!) Negans men grab Daryl pull him back to the ground where Dwight wants to shoot Daryl SO BAD (with his own cross bow), and is cold heartedly denied by Negan. Daryl is thrown back in line, as Negan turns from the group mumbling “I gave you one” where he suddenly turns around and rains even more hell by smashing in Glenn’s head. (FFUUUUUUUU!) I also thought I was prepared to lose Glen, since you know Negan kills him in the comics, I totally thought that was what was going to happen, but I breathed a slight sigh of relief when Lucille landed on Abraham. BOY WAS I WRONG! *internal crying forever*

This scene derived directly from the comics, down to the line Negan spits out at Glenn about his popped out eyeball. (These scenes were seriously the most gruesome in my opinion to date.) Great job make up and prop teams! However, *one* of the most heartbreaking moments was Glenn looking to Maggie, and telling her he would find her…

After reliving these horrible scenes Rick and Negan return to the group after some gory (kinda) sorta, “trust fall” exercises involving flesh eating zombies.

Well upon returning Negan ain’t finished messing with our group yet! Why? Rick is still unbroken, he is still a fearless leader in the face of peril. SO! Ha, what does Negan do? Brings Carl into it all, cuz nothing can break a father like having to maim your own flesh and blood! With a gun to every group members head, Negan draws a line on Carls arm and tells Rick, to “go ahead, and chop it off, make it a nice clean cut, about a 45 degree angle saves the skin, we’ve got good doctors, he’ll be just fine… I’m sure.” (I’m internally and literally giving every finger I can to Negan. WHY MAN WHY! Oh wait, yeah Rick went crazy and the group killed a bunch of yours… sheet!) I’d walked into the kitchen by this point because 1.I could not handle anymore of this crap, and 2. GODDAMN, I NEEDED MORE WINE! (I really get into my Walking Dead alright!)

Well, Negan being the blessed soul he is, didn’t make Rick cut Carl’s arm off. *phew* That however, finally broke our beloved leader.

Rick is Negan’s.

With that, Negan and his group left our group to literally pick up the pieces of their broken community.


They go to a picturesque scene of our group, intact, sitting in Alexandria eating a dinner. Essentially a scene that will never come to pass. Abraham sits at the front corner of the table, with Sasha by his side, laughing. Glenn sits at the head of the table, looking at everyone with a smile on his face… and his unborn son, whom he will never meet in his lap. *SOBBING*

With that, they lost my brothers view’s he only cared about Glenn, I’m to much of an avid fan to quit watching despite one of my favorite characters and one of the “Atlanta 5” (now 4) being destroyed.

What’re your thoughts? Was that season premier to much to handle? (YES!)

I’m looking forward to next weeks episode, but boy I sure hope they take it a little easier on us. I don’t think I can handle another episode as emotionally gut wrenching as this premier was.


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