Haunting Poke`mon

Is anyone else SO excited about this Halloween special from Niantic? I thought it hit the airways today (sometimes I don’t pay very close attention), but much to my surprise my game updated last night! So, despite being COMPLETELY exhausted from work (planning a 4-state convention is challenging people) the boyfriend and I saddled up and went out. We needed to go to the store anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?!

So we drove around and hit our string of Poke` Stops. We are fortunate enough to live close to 12 easily reached from the car stops, (don’t judge it’s cold ’round these parts at night!). On our way through somewhere around 12 Ghastly’s appeared in 1/2 a mile! (This was going to be a good trip!) Despite me not wanting to stay out past 9, we were out until 11 catching anything and everything we could. My boyfriend quickly upgraded Ghastly, to Haunter, to Gengar. I’m opting to wait until the special is over to see what I can catch and upgrade the very best!

I also noticed that Meowth, and Cubone are out in hordes too, they’re appearing like Pidgey’s and Rat’s! (Which we saw all of 6 between the 2 last night). I’m super excited about that since I’ve had my 712 Marowak as my buddy for a month or so.

Anyone else going to take full advantage of this special? I know this girl ain’t getting no much needed sleep for the rest of the week. (Nerd life is hard sometimes).

Oh! I also invested all of my Google Play credits into incubators since you know, double normal candies and all. Trying to decide if I should just go all out for this event or not and spend “real” money to get all the incubators? Hmm. Seeing as how I spent 28 Ultra balls, 23 Great balls, and 13 Regular balls (Not to mention the 39 Rasberries) on a 1153 Gengar who appeared this morning (He made it personal alright), I think I should just go all in!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to finish putting my make-up on since I slept in today!


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