Step It Up

Oh motivation, where art thou?

This last week has been a real hum-dinger… Being the center office of a 4-state convention, still getting used to a new boss, and having my office completely torn apart for new paint and carpeting 2 weeks before said convention, well! It won’t put a skip in your step that is for sure.

Everyone goes on health kicks every now and then, weather you just don’t get the shake at Burger King for 1 day or do a whole lifestyle shake up it happens to all of us.

Back in April (after my first 2 1/2 month of therapy) I was finally ready to do something that was just for me, so I started the P90X program. It is a really vigorous workout course, and to my surprise I stuck with it for a full 3 1/2 months, then it was spiratic, then I quit all together. Well, I finally got tired of feeling sorry for myself again and I worked out 2 times this week! I tried really hard to today, but it’s just an eat a bagel and enjoy a cup of coffee kind of morning. (Oh, and catch up on all my internet work since, well I don’t have internet at work for now.)

I’m sure everyone has some sort of health app on their phones, I have a Samsung so it’s the S Health App, my boyfriend recently discovered you can challenge each other with how many steps you take. Surprisingly this is kind of keeping me motivated to workout everyday. (I even bought a phone arm band thing to keep track of my steps while running!) I’m extremely competitive so…. it works for the most part.

What keeps you motivated? Does challenging someone else to something help you stay active or achieve your goals? Or do you just rely on yourself to keep getting out of bed everyday and putting in the extra work?

I have a hard time staying motivated, so I need all sorts of things to keep me going, ugh!

This is a totally random ramble, I’ve put together it’s all just what is going on in my life currently. I’m also procrastinating to get ready for work.

Enjoy your day and stay motivated to do your thing!



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