Review: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


That’s honestly the first word that comes to mind.

While it was decent, trying to compare it with some of the other FPS games that came out this year. Nope, no contest there. It’s CoD in zero-gravity. Honestly, I don’t even have the patience to finish the campaign, it’s just too slow.

Multiplayer needs some tweaking. I like that they kept the same system as last years. Simple is nice.

If you played Black Ops 3, you’re not missing much. Or maybe you picked it up for nostalgic reasons.
Then again you could be like me who picks it up for the same reason CoD gets me every year, zombies.

ZOMBIES, Zombies in Spaceland fuck yes. It is as epic as it sounds!!
You’re in an amusement park, with Zombies!! AND FUCKING CLOWNS *hides* cuz wave after wave after wave of zombies isn’t bad enough! Zombieland anyone? So so so, I gotta point a couple of the new features that I love!!
The ATM! (cuz what woman doesn’t? haha) For those moments when a teammate needs some extra $$ to buy another gun, there’s a way to do that now! Just deposit, and let another teammate withdraw. But really, if they don’t have enough they’re probably not killing much so you should just save your cash haha.
Afterlife Arcade. So now instead of bleeding out or spectating and waiting for a revive, you’ll end up in the Afterlife Arcade. Here you have to play some carnival mini games, and if you score enough you can rejoin the match.


Honestly, CoD and I were done last year. I just keep coming back for zombies.


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