Review: Catherine

Its been a long week America! So lets bring it back to some fun gaming for the weekend?

Asides from being sick this week, there was a pleasant new addition on to the Playstation Now this week (month?). Being the puzzle loving gamer girl I am, I was absolutely thrilled to find out that they finally added it *squeals* kinda upset it wasn’t a remake but it’ll do for now.

Catherine tells the tale of Vincent, long time committed guy to his girlfriend Katherine… that is until he meets the girl of his dreams, Catherine. Everything he ever wanted, which is unfortunately everything his girlfriend isn’t. Now add in the freakishly, anxiety causing, block climbing puzzle nightmares, and you’ve got yourself a J Horror love triangle that’ll keep you on the EDGE of your seat.

Now unlike most moral variable multiple ending games, there is no “right”/”wrong” or “good”/”evil” per say. Like the game says, “There is no wrong way to climb these staircases, so long as you manage to reach the top.” As with the puzzles in your nightmares. With questions such as “Which is harder: lying or being lied to?”, there is no right answer really just preference. And it really just boils down to how you want to live your life, Chaotic Excitement or Peaceful Days.

So which way will your morals take Vincent? Stable comfortable Katherine, or freedom fun Catherine?


AHA, my ex lover compared me to Catherine. Good thing I didn’t doom him to his nightmares, I doubt he’d survive it with his anxiety and paranoia. Nothing but love ❤


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