Review: Sword Art Onilne

So before I start playing Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, I figured it’d be fitting to binge watch all of SAO on Netflix. I spent the entire evening re-watching Season 1 and 2 before getting in some Iron Banner play haha~

So how would you feel to be one of the lucky 10,000 people to login to the new VR MMORPG Sword Art Online, only to find out you can’t logout? And that fancy NerveGear VR headset that you’re using to access your brain to play the game, is going to fry your brain should you die in game. Or attempt to remove it in the real world.

Now enter Kazuto, more commonly known as his username Kirito. “The Black Swordsman”, one of the best players and part of the original 1000 beta testers, in his quest to save as many players as he can from this doomed game. Asuna, Kirito’s love interest. And a buncha more players all struggling to make it through the floors alive. Toss in some players who enjoy killing, or don’t believe that you actually die in real life. And you have one of the best modern day anime’s of all time.

Now luckily this isn’t one of those really long dragged out anime series with a bunch of fillers. Its a good pace to keep you interested and wanting to see the next episode, for the first half anyways. And since the game world is a lot faster than the real world, you see a lot of interpersonal relationships bloom and weaken. The physiological and sociological effects on the characters being stuck in game for so long. Morals shifting, when having to cross that line to kill another player.

The second half of the season doesn’t take place in SAO however, but in ALfheim Online. It focused more on Kirito saving his love interest, in a game where he’s a complete n00b. Add in another user that appears to be interested in him, and you’ve got somewhat of a love triangle that isn’t suppose to be. Myths, fairies and magic. It’s still decent for what it is, I just felt it was somewhat lacking being a lot more simple than the first half.


This anime reminds me a lot of .hack//Sign which came out over like a decade ago, but I’ll do a review on that another time. Definitely check out Sword Art Online if you haven’t done so! And I’ll get around to writing a review on season 2 in a bit.


2 thoughts on “Review: Sword Art Onilne

  1. Yeah, the second arc is a bit of a let down after the first half. While the stuck in the game thing is similar to .hack/sign I really felt the shows tackle this problem in totally different ways and certainly have a very different feel about the show. Just like Log Horizon kind of has a different way of approaching it again.


  2. Oh totally. I think I prefer SE 2 over the second arc too.

    The whole stuck in the game, sci-fi anime. Similar concepts with different executions. All well done too. Seeming to gravitate to these anime types lately.

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