Adds sell

I’m serious. Well for me anyways. That’s how I decided to buy one of my cars a couple years ago haha… cuz K Pop singer, Hyolee advertised it with C Pop singer Wilber Pan. They made an MV for it too!

Not only that, but all my cell phones pre smart phone. Yep Anycall!! (aka Samsung cell phone brand in North America)
The SCH-V600 in Anymotion, a (white) SGH-D520 like in Anyclub, and my ex got me my Anystar SGH-D820.

The spokeperson sponsors the company’s product, the company gets a MV outta it instead of your typical CM or both. It’s a win win. Cuz who wouldn’t wanna stop and watch a CM or MV of their favorite artist? And it’s pretty obvious that it’s an advertisement too, not like those videos a lot of North American artists do with the strategic product placements lol.

Well seems like that trend is getting big here in North America (10 years late cuz catch up right). You got Ford using anime CMs. No really… They’re Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon CMs for FORD… kinda makes me wanna buy a Ford…

Also Arby’s!! Has anyone noticed their new marketing team this year? Everytime I see one it makes me think “damn I want Arby’s”!! Ugh their Master Chief helmet is so pro. You can find more on their fb page here.

Great advertisement rocks. Not gonna lie. Which is why I felt really disappointed that 2K and Gearbox really dropped the ball with Battleborn. Great game, poor execution. Then again, it seems like everytime they stray away from Borderlands they don’t do so well. It may also have been due to the fact that its release date was right before Overwatch but, then again. That’s like comparing it to the FPS games that come out right before Call of Duty in November, but they all still do relatively well.

Personally, I think they should’ve just stuck to the Borderlands world for their FPS/MOBA game. Cuz who wouldn’t wanna be able to play as Mad Moxxi and kill stuff right!?


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