Review: SIM (Sara Is Missing)

So apparently this game is suppose to be scary. Warning, YouTube gameplay has spoilers.

So Sara is missing, and the only clue we have is her phone. Why she doesn’t have it on her doesn’t make sense, cuz who doesn’t have their phone on them these days?OBVIOUSLY someone wanted us to find it no? Anyways, partner up with the phone’s AI system, IRIS, as we snoop through her phone. Lets try to figure out what happened to her! Or do the smart thing and just pass it over to the authorities *shrug*

Not really scary per say, definitely disturbing. Phone virus death curse + torture cult. Its like Ringu meets Unfriended. Kinda short, wish it was longer.
Reminds me of those choose your own adventure books from when I was younger. I might play it again for the other endings. Hopefully there’s different jump scares when you choose something else, otherwise it gets kinda boring.



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