Black Friday game deals!!

Not going to bore you all with a list of Black Friday specials, I’m sure you’ve all been doing your own homework. But here’s a couple worth mentioning incase you missed it.

Borderlands The Handsome Jack Collection $15 (Best Buy)
Battleborn $15 (Best Buy)
Uncharted Collection $15 (Best Buy)
Fallout 4 $15 (Target)
Dark Souls III $20 (Best Buy)
Street Fighter V $20 (Best Buy)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 $25 (Best Buy)
The Witcher 3 Complete Edition $25 (Best Buy)
Skyrim Special Edition $25 (Best Buy)
Bioshock Collection $30 (Best Buy)
Destiny The Collection $30 (Best Buy)
Gears of War 4 $30 (Best Buy)
Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition $57 (Walmart)

The new 3DS Mushroom Kingdom design is $99 USD, it comes in Black and White. Controllers seem to be the same for most retailers, $20 off. The same with the Xbox and PS4 Slims, $250 at most retailers with either extra games or GC. Khol’s has $75 Kohl’s cash and Meijer’s is $25 GC when you purchase either consoles,  $40 GC for Xbox only at Target and $30 GC for PS4 only at Walmart.

More deals can be found at here at

A lot of retailers are offering pick up in store it looks like. Kinda like Cyber Monday, its the battle of the fastest click and check out. Doesn’t help for door busters but, if the items you’re getting aren’t door busters chances are there’ll be quite a bit of them in stock anyways.

Doors open at 5 or 6 depending where you’re going. Who’s missing out on Thanksgiving dinner for this? and for what more importantly?


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