Review: Skyrim Special Edition

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) / long weekend! If you do celebrate it, did you eat until you hate yourself? Is that the saying? haha

So Final Fantasy XV came out yesterday. For those of you who didn’t get copies on Black Friday from stores who “accidentally” broke the release date haha. I’ll get to doing a review in a bit to prevent spoilers for anyone^^

But until then, here’s me creating my character and a short review,

Set 200 years after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda gives us a new tale of the Dragonborn (mortal with a dragon soul and powers), off to save the world from the dragon God of Destruction who’s bent on destroying the world.

And all the while the endless amounts of side quests and guilds with people that need your help, that distract you from completing the main story line. Yep.

Overall, load times have shorten immensely, graphics were redone quite nicely. I’d definitely recommend anyone who loved it to pick it up again, especially if you haven’t played any/all the expansions.


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