Month: December 2016

Review: NieR: Automata Day 1 Demo

So this new epic demo is brought to you by Square Enix and PlatinumGames Inc. Square Enix well known for their Final Fantasy series and PlatinumGames Inc. for Bayonetta respectfully. And it is just epic! I can hardly wait. NieR:Automata follows the story of android 2B, a YoRHa android who feels no emotions. Deployed to … Continue reading Review: NieR: Automata Day 1 Demo


Boxing Day

No it is NOT a day to go hit people. Well maybe... but since it's a Canadian(UK/British Empire) holiday I'd doubt it ever get that violent. It is the equivalent to the US's Black Friday holiday where there are insane deals, door crashers and sales everywhere. Yes, it is similar in the sense that people … Continue reading Boxing Day

Review: Gravity Rush 2 Demo

Gravity Rush 2 (aka Gravity Daze 2) is an upcoming action-adventure game sequel to Gravity Rush developed by SCE Japan Studio and Project Siren. Continuing where the first game ended, gravity princess Kat and Raven are investigating a strange gravity wave disturbance not long before being sucked into a gravitational whirlpool. I am super excited … Continue reading Review: Gravity Rush 2 Demo