The Game Awards 2016

Yes, last night was one of THE biggest nights in the video game industry, The Game Awards 2016. And no surprise here for video game of the year, Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Blizzard/Overwatch also took Best eSports, multiplayer and Game Direction of the year. Pokémon GO took Best Mobile (no surprise) and Best Family game (wait is Best Family a new category? I don’t remember this one), and indie game INSIDE won Best Art Direction and Best Independent Game.

Hideo Kojima also made an appearance to accept his well-deserved Industry Icon Award *applause*

To be honest I was quite surprised with INSIDE, I didn’t even realize it had come out for the PS4 since it released on the PC and Xbox earlier in the summer. It was also released around the time of Song of the Deep, which was heavily advertised by GameStop as they are their publisher. So it made sense that marketing on Song of the Deep heavily over shadowed INSIDE in my opinion. I should really do a review on Song of the Deep one of these days.

All in all its been a great year for the industry, and it’s only going to get better next year *cough*Nintendo Switch*cough*

Who watched the awards last night? How do you feel about last nights winners? Did you miss it?

You can catch the whole thing on youtube here (audio copyright has been fixed yay!)

And congratulations again to Blizzard!~ No Hacks Required eh?


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