Pew pew pew!!

Watch my friends and I go pew pew pew in Destiny. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

SOO a new update to the Resident Evil 7 demo came out Friday! Go download it on the PlayStation store if you haven’t already done so! You can now go down the molded door, and the mannequin finger finally has a purpose! I’ll do a live stream of it sometime this week XD whenever I can get my chicken shit self to do it haha. There are 2 endings apparently, but I don’t wanna watch any gameplay to avoid spoilers KEKEKE. I’m so excited for this game, it feels like Capcom really brought it back to survival horror instead of the action horror. Don’t get me wrong, I really love RE4 and 6, but something about the old school really eerie suspenseful, sneaking jump scare creepy zombie no gun and ammo to fight with is really something.

Another game to pick up on the PlayStation store, Let It Die. Honestly did not hear about it at all until this past weekend. It’s your hack and slash Dead Rising style, meets Dark Souls. You go through hordes of baddies to get to the top of the tower, should you die you lose your character… or pay to get it back. I can see myself paying to get my character back, I’d grow attached and wouldn’t wanna fight my old characters corpse should I start over. But then, it also depends if I don’t rage quit in the process ha! It is FREE on the PSN store, definitely worth checking out.

Speaking of sneaking games! Uncharted – The Lost Legacy was the opening of Sony’s PlayStation Experience this weekend. And man does it look good. Chloe Frazer is back, with the series newest heroine, Nadine Ross, for this new DLC due sometime next year. Seriously cannot wait!

Also something exciting, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite!! Ooooh. Now don’t forget that Capcom’s license for the Marvel characters expired back in 2013, and that 20th Century own and have producing rights to X-Men… it won’t be a surprise per say if everyone’s favorite mutants like Wolverine aren’t included in this one (boo) However, given that the title focus is going to be based on the Infinity stones, I’m sure the main focus will be given to heroes that are current in Marvel’s cinematic universe.
Still, I am a big, big MvC fan and will still probably pick this up. Personally my favorite roster was Chun Li, Morrigan, and Jill Valentine/Servbot.

I feel like I’m missing something?

OH pre-reg for ColossalCon is out, so don’t forget to grab your 4 day badges if you haven’t already done so! $55 over here. I don’t plan on starting my costume for ColossalCon until after Ohayocon just cuz I don’t want to overload myself with Christmas and vacation around the corner. But yes I finally did decide on a couple costumes for ColossalCon =D and costumes for Ohayocon are fin~ I shall post them up soon!

Is everyone excited for Christmas? Putting up lights and a tree? Or are you those people that start early back in Nov? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. And all I can think about is Iron Banner starting up tomorrow XD


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