Review: Sword Art Online -Lost Song-

Watch my live stream gameplay~

So the game play is so repetitive. No surprise there being an action game, but even the dungeons. Fight the mini dungeons, put the pieces together, get into the bigger dungeon with the boss, then onto the continent. I just, I don’t know. It’s too, linear I guess.

I like that you can MAKE your own character, I hate how limited the options are. At least let me get to decide what gender I make my character from that race >.>

Apparently multiplayer doesn’t follow the story line of single player and is something completely different. It’s also suppose to be a lot better than single player mode. HOWEVER, it’s not accessible until after you beat the first continent.

That said, the story here takes place in an alternate timeline, so you don’t need to worry about spoilers too much if you haven’t finished the anime.

If you’re a fan of SAO I say go for it. It’s currently on sale on PSN until the 13th.


I really wanna try the multiplayer as everyone has been saying it’s a lot better. But now it’s just trying to convince people who have the game to play since a lot of them didn’t even make it to unlocking multiplayer.


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