Yay guess who’s back

tell a friend

LOL no seriously.

so a week late, 恭禧發財~ 새해 복 많이 받으세요^^~
Happy Lunar New Year~
Year of the Rooster, I wonder what you’ll have in store for me.

So far surprisingly its been great!!~

I got a new puppy^^~ Yes I’m a mommy again. A Australian Shepherd. You know, that herding dog. Ya… who knew I’d find a dog that’d tire out Ghost LOL

Asides from that, been super busy playing a lot of Overwatch since competitive season 3 started. So be sure to catch me on twitch and or youtube!!

I’ve also been cooking a lot lately, so I’m gonna start posting recipes more frequently.

If anyone has any dish recommendations, lemme know^^~


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