This is what happens when an American Boy and an Asian Girl decide to collide worlds.

StarReaper, American born and raised in WA state. IT company owner, Game Studio CEO, Professional Gamer, Competitive Bowler. Your not so average, all round, ambitious, nerdy tech guy.

Lisichan, “CanAsian” currently living in OH. Programmer, Professional Gamer, Accountant, Pageant Queen, tech geek. Just a typical fob, Asian, city girl trying to living out in the suburbs.

Kaitiebear, the “traditional” Idahoan residing out in ID. DIY crafty, hunter, outdoor loving, dog lover, adventurous, family forever, foodie. Not your typical girly girl neighbor.

when east meets west
Pretty explanatory? When East Coast meets West Coast, Asian meets Caucasian. We figured since this blog is pretty much the comparisons of our lives and culture, why not put it all together and have some fun with it? #yolo