New Challenger Approaches, Enter Orisa

New hero in Overwatch got launched last Tuesday. Yes I know I've been bad with updates (but surprisingly alright with my youtube exports) She's a tank. She's Reinhardt's shield, with Ana's boost, and Bastion's guns... yaaaas. She's op. She's already been nerfed a couple times in PTR, and is currently unplayable for Comp matches. I … Continue reading New Challenger Approaches, Enter Orisa


Review: Paladins BETA live video from lisichan on The so called Overwatch rip-off. While the game does have a lot of similarities, and what games don't these days? It's different in its own rough edge way. A lot of the heroes need to be nerf, definitely. You have the female Assassin (Genji) character in there who … Continue reading Review: Paladins BETA

Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Live BETA

OMG THE BETA IS CLOSED *cry* live video from lisichan on I am super, SUPER excited for this game. Think GTA 5 meets every other Tom Clancy game. Normally not a fan of 3rd person shooters, but when you look down the sight it switches into first person! The best part about this, … Continue reading Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Live BETA