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Review: NieR: Automata

So, a little late. But if you already read my review on the demo back in December you should already know I absolutely love this game! Story takes place sometime in the post apocalyptic future. Humanity has fled to the moon, and you play a YoRHa android 2B, deployed to earth to destroy the machines. … Continue reading Review: NieR: Automata


Overwatch Uprising

New event out in Overwatch today! 2GB update for the new 4 player co-op game mode Overwatch Uprising!! But first, lemme take a selfie XD Finally a co-op mode that is PVE... let's hope it's good!! I'll stream some gameplay tonight on twitch~ Catch it live @10PM EST Twitch ~ Don't forget to follow~ Thanks … Continue reading Overwatch Uprising

Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Alright so, this is by FAR the best Tom Clancy game I've ever played. 3rd person POV , in 1st person POV down the sight. In a big GTA like environment. You can't really go wrong. Except when you play with AI... I mean... just don't. 8/10 Now only if they'd add a multiplayer vs … Continue reading Review: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

New Challenger Approaches, Enter Orisa

New hero in Overwatch got launched last Tuesday. Yes I know I've been bad with updates (but surprisingly alright with my youtube exports) She's a tank. She's Reinhardt's shield, with Ana's boost, and Bastion's guns... yaaaas. She's op. She's already been nerfed a couple times in PTR, and is currently unplayable for Comp matches. I … Continue reading New Challenger Approaches, Enter Orisa