Two to Tango, Three to Jive

His fault? Her fault? Their fault? How about, everyone’s fault? No one is to blame completely, but the people in the relationship who let it fail.

A woman gets cheated on and blames the other woman for ruining her marriage rather than the husband who committed the infidelity. She was in a relationship with HIM, not the woman he cheated with, so it is he who owes her loyalty, and therefore deserves the blame.

A marriage takes two, yes two, people to make it work. No I in team. When one isn’t giving it their all, it fails. And honestly, if they aren’t giving it their all why stay? Nothing against marriage / commitment but, why waste your energy on a partner who isn’t willing to do the same for you?

People look elsewhere because they aren’t getting what they want. Simple.
No one held a gun to their head, the decision was still theirs in the end.
Can’t be a homewrecker is the home was already broken.

To the one who got cheated on, you could’ve done more for your partner.
To the one who cheated, you should’ve respected your partner enough and just left.

Maybe it’s easier to blame the other person for getting involved and “ruining” the relationship. Yet, it’s still someone’s decision to let that other person into the already failing relationship.

Remember boys and girls, the other person could’ve taken your partner from you a long time ago if they really wanted to. But they know better than to take a partner willing to cheat cuz they know they’re no exception to the rule.

Be the smarter person and walk away knowing you’re giving away your toys to the less fortunate.

And don’t forget, you’re only the loser if you stay thinking they’ll change for YOU.


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